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Virtual Therapy

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I'm Pierre, currently living in Tours, France, and probably a forthcoming leader of the french paruresis association.
Personally, I have a low level of paruresis, which is actually not a problem anymore, but I would be happy to cure it completely.

I practised gradual exposure many time with different people, but it's hard to reach and keep a "I can pee in any situation" level.

I am really enthusiastic about the news possibilities of virtual therapy.
Basically you just need:
- a smartphone with a gyroscope (and preferably with a full HD resolution)
- virtual glasses (from 10€ in second-hand), like this: (see how the phone screen is split in two pieces by a google app', to offer stereoscopic vision).
- something to display in the virtual glasses that looks like an exposure scene. I do it with photospheres found on internet (quick example: The view in the virtual glasses follow your head movements thanks to the gyroscope in the phone.

I discovered that I could also do it with 360° movies. You can find some examples of such movies on the dedicated youtube channel ( ... zMuM09WKDQ ). With the last youtube app for android you can show them in stereoscopic mode (for the virtual glasses). Of course, using them would make the virtual exposure much more effective. But it would be really difficult to find an already-existing video suitable for our application, so we need to do it by ourself.
With 10 people, it would be possible to film an exposure scene in public toilets. The problem is that if I do it with my friend with whom I have already exposed, the virtual scene would be too easy and ineffective.
So that's why I am writing here on the German website: the best would be for the French people to virtually expose on a German movie, and the opposite for you, so that people on the movie looks like strangers.

The Kodak SP360 is affordable for an association (~300€), and I can even borrow/rent one if needed.

The most difficult part is actually to gather enough people, to rent some toilets for filming, etc.

What do you think ?
Are some people interested ?

Thank you
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Re: Virtual Therapy

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Hi Pierre,

awesome Idea. I was thinking that by myself and already searching some VR based "Game" or Video, but didnt find any.
Making such a Vr based Video would help a ton of people!

Where would you actually should that video?
I woould be definitely interested in participating.

Best Regards
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Re: Virtual Therapy

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What's the status of your project?